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I've meant to post here since forever ago when our lovely mod once again strongly urged membership in this community. I feel kinda silly doing an intro post since I know like 90% of you, but I figure since I don't really talk a lot about fitness or health in my own journal maybe it won't be the most horrible thing you've ever seen on LJ.

So for all one of you not in the know, I'm Kimberly, 31, mom of three boys. I live with my boyfriend of a couple of years, Neal, who is 35 and kinda gay (no, really, I mean it - I'd say that we're fairly healthy people: vegetarian (like the kind where you actually just eat vegetables, not that modern thing where you live on french fries and ice cream and call it vegetarian) except that I'm trying to eat more fish because somehow you can eat fish and still call yourself a vegetarian. We are (kids included) all pretty active. Give us a sunny day and we will be running around in the yard or going for long walks. We try to do as much as our own food prep as possible and in addition to raising chickens for fresh eggs, we bake all of our own bread (pizza crusts, soft pretzels, pita, tortillas, crackers, rolls, etc.), I make butter and yogurt at home, sometimes cheese as well. I'm completely opposed to eating out, especially feeding the kids junk food, and it's very rare that we do so. I'm also not big on sweets anymore, so there's rarely anything sugary in the house (I make juice and yogurt popcicles as treats for the kids).

If I had to say I had any dietary vices, it's tortilla chips which I buy on occasion and possibly the sheer volume of eggs I consume. Sometimes I eat out of boredom, and I'm bad about grabing a bite here and there and meal skipping. We're drinkers as well, but have switched to mostly wine and I wouldn't count on that coming to an end!

Weight-wise, while not overly worried about it, I'd love to lose 5 or 10 pounds. Any more than that and I have knobby knees and no boobs. At 5'8", I have a BMI of 23.6, so losing 5 lbs would take me to a healthier 22.8.

My main goals are as follows:

- Eat regular meals or at least breakfast and lunch instead of a bite here and there all day long.

- Eat more fruit and less bread.

- Remember to take vitamins.

- Do at least 15 mintues a day and a full workout no less than twice a week.

I am REALLY longing for spring so I can get out on my bike and doing yard work, but until then I think those would be good steps. I hope everyone else is doing well and working towards their goals!


Well, the holidays are over so no more food frenzy, right?

It's a new year and all that jazz. I'm sure everyone has made resolutions.

Instead of making a resolution, per se, I joined a gym as my "starting the year off right" act.

I think even just the act of opening that membership has really gotten my brain in the right 'place' because I'm already just completely into eating the right things and committed to getting in time to exercise even when I haven't been able to actually get to the gym.

Sometimes it takes an act or a 'first step' to get you going.

How is everyone else doing? Any new resolutions or plans for 2011?

Interesting Statistics

"According to research compiled by the National Cancer Institute, being overweight in midlife (the study looked at 500,000 people ages 50 to 71) increases your risk of death between 20 and 40 percent and being obese carries a two- to three-fold increase. Yikes! (Other studies have found that being moderately overweight protects against some conditions – but it still increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.)

Luckily, the benefits begin with even a small amount of weight loss. Studies show that losing just 5 to 10 percent of your body weight (7 1/2 to 15 pounds for someone who weighs 150 pounds) lowers blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol, lowers the risk of diabetes, and cuts your risk of cardiovascular disease.

So start small and don't beat yourself up when you cave in to the leftover pizza. Cutting just 100 calories a day can lead to a 9- to 10-pound weight loss over the course of a year. How much is 100 calories? Not a lot: A 12-ounce can of Coke contains 140 calories, a chocolate bar more than 200."

Source: 10 surprising ways moms can be healthier and live longer

This was taken from a "Mom's" article, but really, this bit applies to all women (and men too).

Introduction Post

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a 29 year old mother of 1. I'm here because I want to eat better, feel better, and live a better and healthier life.

I have a hard time finding ways and time to get active and work out. I've started trying to walk/jog, but even that is difficult because of schedules and my son. It's hard for me to get out of the house because I work from home and my husband has a crazy commute. By the time he gets home it's usually time to figure out dinner, not go out for a jog. I can't jog in the mornings because he leaves the house around 5am and my nanny doesn't come until 8am which is when I start working if I haven't already gotten started. I went for a walk with my son in the stroller this week which was nice, but I couldn't jog with that stroller, and I really can't justify spending the money on a jogging stroller. So, I'm going to try setting up some cardio equipment in our basement and try getting down there in the mornings.

I enjoy yoga, which I can do in the morning also, I just haven't been getting up early enough to do it lately. I really love yoga, but yoga alone isn't enough of a "workout" for me. I really want to burn fat and tone muscles. I sometimes think it might have been cool to have been in the military just because I'd be in such bad ass shape. ;-) Obviously that's not a good reason to enlist though. lol

I've always wanted six pack abs, but what I REALLY want is to just feel healthy and have more energy. I want my lifestyle to be more active so I'm more active. I have a desk job and so am sedentary a lot of the time.

My main goal towards a healthier lifestyle is to increase my level of activity. Secondary goal is to eat more vegetables. ;-)

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